Discounts and Credits

for Your Homeowners Policy

Central offers a number of discounts and credits for eligible policyholders* to help you save money on your insurance.

Package Credit
A credit is available if both your automobile and homeowners coverages are written with Central.

Enroll in both our E-billing and E-policy options and receive a $5 credit per policy annually.

Customer Loyalty Credit
Earn a premium credit once you’ve been insured with Central for at least two consecutive years. The credit gradually increases ever year until it levels out after 10 years. As long as you are insured with Central, this credit will remain on your policy.

Insurance Score
Discounts are available to policyholders who have excellent insurance scores.

Payment Timeliness
Receive a credit on your renewal policies if you've had no cancellation notices for non-payment.

Higher Deductibles
Receive a credit for selecting a higher deductible on your policy.

Elite Policy
Receive a discount on your homeowners policy if you carry higher Coverage A limits, a higher deductible, have a newer home, a good credit score, and are loss free.

Gated Community Credit
A credit will be applied to the homeowners policy for a residence located in a gated community.

Paid in Full Discount
Receive a discount by paying your annual policy premium in full. Not applicable to mortgagee-billed policies, except in New York.

Boat or Scheduled Personal Property Credit
Include your boat and/or scheduled personal property on your homeowners policy and you’ll be eligible for an additional premium credit.

Safety Features
A credit is available for approved and properly maintained installations of safety features. Examples include:

  • burglar alarms
  • fire alarms
  • lightning protection systems
  • automatic sprinklers and sprinkler system flow alarms
  • smoke detectors
  • gas leakage detection systems
  • whole house generators in the home
  • water leakage detection systems

Additional safety features not listed above may qualify for a discount. Consult your agent for a complete list.

Water Backup Loss Prevention Discounts
A credit is available for policyholders who have Water Backup coverage and have also installed items such as generators, water pressure backup sump pumps, or water/leak sensor systems. The credit applies to the Water Backup premium and will vary based on the type of mitigation device installed.

*Discounts and credits are not available in all states. Please check with your Central agent to verify eligibility.